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I hereby declare that all information furnished by me on behalf of Society / trusts / Institution named above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed in it. If at any stage it will be found wrong, the authorities of NCP shall have right to cancel accreditation of my institution and take appropriate legal actions against me. I again declare that I know very well that this is an autonomous organization established under T rust Act and running only self employable courses to enhance knowledge and wisdom which provide no guarantee for further education or job and no concern with any other similar organization. I declare that I will convey all above information to each and every student who will show his/her interest for taking admission in the courses run by NCP and admit only those students who agreed to get admission after knowing the fact of NCP and if any claim or blame will be raised on the ground by the student or any person, only I will be responsible for that and NCP will not be responsible or able to compensate by any way .

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